So Em and I dragged Joe out to take the dog for a walk this morning. He’d be quite happy staying at home playing with his mates online but we felt it was important that he get some fresh air.

It feels like an odd time to me. Both his older brothers are much more independent and if it wasn’t for the Uni’s in Australia generally being close to home Jacob would surely have left home already. Alex is learning to drive and is in final year of high school so not far off himself. The standard afternoon question is “who’s in for dinner?”

Joe’s got another 3-4 years till he’s in that scenario.

The challenge as I see it, is that we’ve always done things as a family and with it reducing from 5-3, will the things we’ve always done still work? or do we have to change our approach to keep him interested?

So it’s not so much of a challenge of what Joe’s doing, but more about what Em and I are doing?

It feels too soon to let go, but I certainly see the inevitable empty nest looming. Think the three of us will go mountain biking next weekend, whether he likes it or not!

Growing up

The day of the ball!

Alex’s night is planned out,

4pm Pre’s at Tilly’s house. Meet some of the other parents, take some photos of the gang all dressed up and looking glamorous.

5:30pm limo to Kings Park and then on to the Optus Stadium 😊

then it gets complicated…

11pm Pickup and dropped to George’s house by one of the other parents. They’ve got 10-15 minutes to get changed.

11:15 Get another lift to the After Ball Party 15km away to meet about 3-400 like minded teens. At this point it’s just hope that the last 17years of growing up doesn’t lead to some silly decision by them or someone else…They plan to get an Uber back to Ben’s at 3am….at the same time as the other 3-400 party goers. Should be fine right…

Yeah right, …. agreed with Alex that a 3am Uber with 3-400 others probably won’t end well. I’ll pick them up.

2am …wake up for the 3rd time before my alarm is meant to go off. Don’t need to leave to pick them up till 2:30 but not going back to sleep now. Get there about 2:45am party is exiting the building. I see Dom, he says hi. He also appears sober! Good lad.

A fight breaks out, crowd surges, Alex, Tilly and friends walk quickly from the the opposite side from the fight and jump in the car.

30mins later I drop them at Ben’s, safe and well. They’ve had a good night, although looking a little less glamorous than they were at 4pm the previous afternoon 😊

Anyone know how to get glitter out of car upholstery and carpet??

I got it wrong

So this morning I felt it should be a black and white day. I switched on a preset which is supposed to emulate Illford HP5 film and just took a few snaps whilst we took Ralph to the beach.
Apparently (I was informed after) this was incorrect! “Blue skies … Blue sea… sunshine! Black and white indeed, perhaps You should reconsider” she says ( or something similar …I wasn’t listening properly)

Always worth shooting fine+raw … just in case 😊.